Packaging Machine

Used throughout all packaging operations, includes fabrication, filling and sealing. They measure a dose of processed food product by various means, and feed the products (liquid, powder, granule, paste, solid) into be enclosed in plastic bags or sachets automatically and precisely.

Types of Packaging machine:

  • Packaging Vertical single Line (small, medium and jumbo bag)
  • Packaging Multiline
  • Packaging Horizontal
  • Packaging Tissue
  • Bagging Machine
Filling System : Volumetric , weighing , auger screw , Injection Pump
Sealing Type : 3 Side Seal, Center Seal, 4 Side Seal


Vertical Packaging Multilane

Packaging Tissue

Bagging Machine

Horizontal Packaging

Vertical Packaging Jumbo Bag

Vertical Packaging Medium Pack

Vertical Packaging Small Pack